The two current projects of SOPHIA ENERGY S.A. are located in very well-known mineral districts, in the large Patagonian uraniferous basin in the South of Argentina.

On the one hand, Sierra de Pichiñan Project is located in the Cerro Solo Uraniferous District, named after the presence of the recognized ore deposit Cerro Solo.

On the other hand, Laguna Sirven Project is in the oriental sector of the Patagonian uraniferous basin, in relative proximity to the Laguna Salada Project, which already has an advanced level of feasibility.

In both cases, the projects of SOPHIA ENERGY S.A.  possess  similar geological-mineral characteristics and patterns to neighboring ore deposits in the respective districts.

On the understanding that these shared similarities allow considering expectations of the same tenor than those of Cerro Solo and Laguna Salada projects, the summaries of their characteristics are listed below

Cerro Solo


Laguna Salada