Laguna Sirven Project

  • The Uranium Project LAGUNA SIRVEN is currently the Company´s main focus. It is an extensive and large surficial low-grade uranium-vanadium ore deposit, capable of being concentrated and extracted through conventional mechanisms at very low costs.


  • The Company owns almost 100,000 Ha of mining claims, covering approximately 80% of the most prospective sectors of the uranium basin, which is located in the Laguna Sirven Area, in the Northern region of the Province of Santa Cruz.


  • Uranium and vanadium mineral ores are located within one meter from the surface.


  • Laguna Sirven Project is a calcrete-type of uranium deposit, where mineralization occurs within sandy material and unconsolidated gravels.


  • The main anomalies detected are between 500 and 700 ppm of U3O8 and from 400 to 600 ppm of V2O


  • Preliminary regional estimations indicate that the project could have reserves between 8 and 10 Mlb @ 60-80 ppm of U3O8 and more than 50 Mlb @ 500 ppm of V2O5.