Laguna Salada

  • Laguna Salada Project is located in the Province of Chubut, Argentina. It is a calcrete-type of uranium-vanadium ore deposit.
    • This type of surficial ore deposit has some very favorable geological- mineral characteristics, which allow its exploration and potential exploitation in a relatively short time.
    • Mineralization occurs nearby the surface, between the first 3 meters of depth, within sandy material and unconsolidated gravels, allowing the use of low cost exploration techniques, without the need of using explosives.
    • The simple screening separation of pebbles and coarse sand concentrates the uranium and vanadium in fine material, increasing its grades between 3 and 11 times. This would lead the uranium to a head grade of approximately 620 – 670 ppm, similar to the surficial deposits in production in other parts of the world.
    • Most of the metal-rich fine material in the Guanaco Sector, which constitutes the 90% of Laguna Salada Deposit, can be leached rapidly with alkaline reagents, achieving maximum uranium recoveries in only four hours.