Cerro Solo

  • The Cerro Solo Ore Deposit is located in the well-known uraniferous district since 1960, in the central region of the Province of Chubut.


  • The Argentine Atomic Energy Authority – Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA) –, owner of the property, finished the pre-feasibiility study during the ´90s. Subsequent studies provided great knowledge about this sandstone uranium and molybdenum deposit.


  • The mineralized levels of the deposit are distributed in sandstones and cretaceous fluvial conglomerates of the Chubut Group, within 50 and 130 meters deep.


  • The exploration carried out by CNEA in different sectors of the paleochannel that hosts the mineralization, established the presence of uranium and demonstrated the existence of high grade levels and promising geological characteristics at approximately 180 km2.


  • Estimations indicate that recoverable uranium resources reach 4.600 tons. Considering the type of sandstone, the grade is high: 0,3 to 0,5% U on average, depending on the tenor of the selected cut. This estimation was done with the information obtained from 410 perforations. In addition to this, there are great possibilities of expanding uranium resources in adjacent sectors to the evaluated areas.


  • Important resources of molybdenum were identified in the deposit.


  • The smooth relief, the easy access to the project, as well as the mild weather of the region, are additional favorable factors of the project.