About Us

  • SOPHIA ENERGY S.A. is an Argentine company committed to the exploration of uranium in the country.


  • The Company´s Objective is to develop every exploration stage of its projects, up to a feasibility stage.


  • SOPHIA ENERGY S.A. is also interested in participating in the future exploitation of the projects, working together with private companies and provincial governments, seeking both the company´s own development as well as the economic growth of the Provinces where the projects are located.


  • The Company´s Director has more than 30 years of international experience in the exploration and development of projects of different magnitude.


  • Its Technical Staff is formed by Argentine geologists and professionals with extensive careers in mineral exploration and project evaluation in the country’s diverse productive basins.


  • SOPHIA ENERGY S.A.  has an internal policy of  achieving and maintaing an excellent cooperation relationship with local communities and native people as well as with the Municipal, Provincial and National Governments.


  • The projects of the company are:
    • LAGUNA SIRVEN, in the Province of Santa Cruz
    • SIERRA DE PICHIÑAN, in the Province of Chubut